Poem: Nature’s Rebirth

Rebirth of nature every year,

the barren branches, refilled,

the yellowish grass, emerald,

from the frozen soil, springs knew life,

all for a moment,

willing to be alive until the next cycle which demands their change,

for the rebirth is cyclical,

but I’m too often blind to nature’s lesson,

stuck in my ways,

rooted to a singular path,

a path on which I was set on by others,

rarely do we decide where we walk,

little do we change,

rarely is there a new you,

for the trials of such a thing are filled with hardships,

for the branch to discover its leaves it must survive the harsh winter,

for the grass to gain its shine it must hold the blanket of snow,

the bud of spring must hold its breath under the hardened ground,

only though suffering is the renewal possible,

no wonder I stay rotted in comfort,

no wonder I stay the same,

no wonder I only live one life,

but if I had nature’s understanding,

what could I have been?

how many lives I could have lived?

reborn anew,

each year, each season, each month, each day, each moment,

instead of staying the same,

the same me tells myself the same advice,

another winter comes,

soon it’ll be gone,

with spring,

I shall to rise,

this time,


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