Poem: All the same

The same,

each with the same fears,

of mortality, of losing, of pain,

pleasure brings only temporary happiness,

true happiness achieved through love,

the same love in everyone,

a helping hand, loving embrace, thoughtful words,

each needing the same,



The same,

disgusted by disgusting acts,

terrified by terrifying moments,

saddened by exploit and unfairness,

enlightened by the unknown,

the same,

for everyone.


The same,

for my heart, can beat in your chest,

your blood can save someone’s daughter,

a son’s liver, for your wife,

see the world through a stranger’s eyes,


we are,

for you and I,

are the same,


The same,

in our beliefs,

in our misunderstandings,

judgemental opinions,

akin in similar thoughts,

our purpose alike,

craving for needs that are shared,

the similarity of our being,



What’s different then?

the skin, the nose, the weight, the height,

the label, the land, the meaning of words,

and yet, still alike in close-mindedness.


But the same at the core,

the spirit, the heart, the mind, the soul,

oneness felt in all,

if ones mind was open or eyes not covered or,

if one was not deaf to the obvious,

open to the true feelings,

the understanding,

that we are all the same.





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