Poem: We live thoughtless lives

We live thoughtless lives

since birth, all was decided

for us, what to believe in,

how to act, what you can say,

how you can breathe, sit, blink, see,

all thrust upon us by other people,

who weren’t true to their own words,

but expected conformity and we conformed.


We went along as the flower petal does with the change of nature, it has

no say, it can only wait, react,

grow and die according to the will

of others, in the case of the

petal, the other is nature, in

our case, the other is authority,

perception, reputation, ego, image,



Time passes, the environment changes,

the inside is molded but there

is a part within us that can’t be touched,

it stays independent,

it’s voice muffled by the weight of others, but

if we listen,

closely, we can hear it,

if we feel,

carefully, we can sense the vibrations

if the struggling, dying, independent, free thing

inside of you and it comes out,

if you’re lucky

or maybe if your unlucky,

it comes out,

in the form of a simple question,

the absurd

the random

the uncertain

the question:

why are you living like this?