Poem: To experience life fully

To experience life fully is to break yourself


breaking the limitations



breaking the perceptions

adopted from others

believed by the self

breaking the mind

that says it’s good enough

that teases you with rest

that tells you it’s okay

breaking the chains

which others set upon you

which you set upon yourself

which await you in every single progressive step, clawing at your hands and feet

which say that you have arrived

which tell you its finished

that you have become

the sweet lies of ease

the sweet lies of comfort

there is no become, it’s always becoming

there is no rest, there’s always work to do

for it’s at the resting point that you come to be molded, formed and packaged

it’s then when life ends

it’s then when experience comes to a halt

it’s then when death arrives

and so, you must resist the temptation

and so, you must keep moving, acting, rebelling

and so, you must keep trying

and so, you must keep breaking yourself

from the ashes comes life

death and rebirth

stronger and stronger

death and rebirth

better and better

death and rebirth

each time the letters are filled in till you become an Individual

death and rebirth

so many lives that you can experience in one lifetime

and so, you must keep living

and so, you keep experiencing life

to its fullest.