Poem: The New Land To Conquer

What’s left to conquer?

Man’s ancestors have claimed all,

no matter how much you weep,

young Ceasar,

Nothing out there is for you.


What then?

gaze turned inwards,


inside you is the unclaimed land where savages roam free,

no Alexanders or Khans can touch that,

wild and untamed,

awaiting the unrelenting spirit to come.


A spirit that is persistent,

willing to decay, in

the glorious attempt,

the final charge,


the last stand,

no three hundred but just one,



Then, look not outside,

those of whom have the ambition to be called The Great,

as what will make you great lies inside of you,

conquer oneself and be immortalized, with

the few others who have accomplished such a thing,



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