Poem: Such is my will

Such is my will,

that I wish too much,

and do too little,

wishing to be this or that,

doing nothing,

hoping I’ll wake up one day,

whole and complete.


Dreaming of different realities,

different lives in which I was good,

perhaps those are glimpses into different dimensions,

were I actually did what I know I needed to do,

instead of simply wishing,

and became what I could be,

unlimited potential, limitedly explored.


Perhaps those daydreams of mine are what I could have been now,

in this life, presently,

but no longer possible,

not for you,

passive being,

& so,

cursed to dream of what I could have been.


Is that not hell?

if it is and that I am in hell, at least I’m not alone,

seems like there are billions of others.