Poem: Outer Eye

Eye always turned inwards,

thinking of the self,

constantly watching you like a proper guardsman,

like a hound sniffing out any intruders,

barking and growling when your attention shifts to others,

recalling your sight back to you,

as one does with a lost pup,

for you care only about you,

your own dreams, hopes, desires, wants and needs,

like a child, balled fists, teary-eyed,

you want that yourself,

which is self-fulfillment.


When you manage to see others,

you see them as mirrors,

reflecting you back to yourself,

constantly comparing, envying, competing,

thinking of your own perceptions,

your own self-esteem,

looking only to affirm what you are,

all in the hope for your own happiness,

the inner eye is still guarding you,

guarding your prison.


What about the others?

Your brother, your sister, your parents, your friends, your neighbor,

they hope too, dream, desire, want and need,

yet you see them only for a brief moment,

that moment when your sight is unblinded, hearing undisturbed, thoughts derailed,

before your jailor steps in,

blinded sight, obstructed hearing, settled thoughts,

you were an adult for a moment,

back to a child,

back in the playpen with others just like you,

“give Me My toy”,

“I want that”,

“that’s Mine”,


the extent of your vocabulary.


While the others scream in whispers,

living tired lives,

you’re unable to hear them,

daily they drift further away from their fulfillment,

for none can reach it alone,

your helping hand could guide them,

if only it wasn’t busy, clawing at your own self,

blinding your outer eye.