Poem: Neither Here, Nor There

Different is this land, from

the one I was raised in, there

the noise of all kinds distracts the soul, here

the silence, so readily attained, is avoided through sound, there

my eyes set upon the worst of man, here

I see the division of man, there

the love for one another seeps through the awful, here

one must remind people of love, easily

do people judge and hate others here, there

they judge and hate those who reflect their own image, here

the abundance is a problem to the soul, there

the lack of leaves the spirit withered, both

are imperfect, neither

is better than the other, I

am the product of two lands, with

the sins of each, as well as the grace, neither

here nor there, in no man’s land, attempting to understand the self, by

which I’ll understand others.