Poem: Nature Changes Itself

Look outside and you’ll understand how to act,

spring brings with it life, budding

are the flowers which were once, dormant

during the winter, snow

covered ground, giving the illusion of death, before

the frost there were brittle amber leaves, which rested

among the yellowing grass, bright

it once was, a summer ago,

a sea of emerald waved with the breeze, freshened

by previous spring’s rain.


In ancient times, the great

philosophers taught their wisdom, to

whoever wished, Stoics

got their name from stoa, a

covered walkway for the public to listen, openly

their thoughts on life and how one should act, like

nature, one just had to listen.


Nature talks, gives lectures, instructs

on how to behave, yet

we are blind to it, deaf

to the words, don’t

see how it changes itself, cyclical

it becomes anew, changing

and not demanding change in others, while

it remains the same.


Nature shows its difference from us,

mankind, womankind, all kind

which often demands change, of

others, yet

don’t change themselves, easier

to judge than be judged, simpler

to point the finger at others, than

point at oneself, don’t

tell me that I am living in contrary to my spirit, instead

show me your oneness with your own spirit, perhaps

then, I’ll change.