Poem: Don’t deprive me of death

Age of science views death as a disease,

no longer an inevitable fact of life,


like a broken arm,


like a bad hangover,

just need the right remedy and one will stop,



They will deprive me of death,

and with it,

take away my life,

hollow living shell,

I will become,

for the soul is only alive in the dying,

it needs the inevitable to be present,

without one,

you cannot have the other.


The Taoist understood,

yin and yang,

in order for there to be life,

there must be death,

pain and pleasure,

happiness and heartache,

but once humanity leaps forward,

what was in balance, will be undone,

the chaotic notion of ever living beings,

and with death no longer a concern,

painful act having been cured,

death treated,

we are given a death sentence,

for then; passivity, passionless, pointless,

lives will be lead,

for there will be nothing following us anymore,

reminding us to speak now,

or else, forever hold your peace.