Poem: A Summer’s Day

As kids, you look forward to the summer,

you know it will be filled with play and laughter,

recklessly using time with friends,

dreaming of all the things you will do, while you’re stuck in classrooms,

sugary drinks, first kiss, melting ice creams, first love, cooling by the swimming pools, new sights, new sounds, new feelings, new touches, new tastes, new life,

enter the season with hopes and promises,

of what you will do and who you will be afterward,

but you wake up one day and the summer is gone,

a flash of lightning,

did you see that?

what you had looked forward to is now in the past,

another summer is gone and that’s a summer less,

have to wait a whole year to feel that again,

you’ll be older,

you may be a different person by then,

a multitude of experiences await you between two summers,

the next summer will flash by too because you looked forward to it,

everything you look forward to quickly recedes in the past,


like a summer’s day,


comes and goes quickly,

if you keep looking forward,

what you fondly wait for becomes what you fondly remember,

make use of what you have,

life is the present,

for perhaps your last summer approaches,

perhaps its already come and gone.