Poem: Holier Than Thou

Holier than thou,

hide behind morality,

for the sake of likes and follows,

watching popularity rise,

as they cast stones from a safe distance,

diming the lights,

breaking the bulbs,

or at least attempting to do so,

in order to hide their own hypocrisy,

each day a new stone,

each day a new story,

the masses move as one,

one giant distraction,

a suffocating group,

strangling the individual voice,

the brave ones; the natures kin,

slowly burning away,

as the holy people wave around signs of peace,

quietly killing the man,

giving birth to second rate beings,

shielding and protecting them from reality,

in doing so,

teaching them how to be silent until they can blend their voice in the roar of the crowd,

screaming hate at the chosen few,

the couple who tried to be themselves,

they to get molded, eventually,

to become moralities cowards.

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