Poem: Tired

Tired eyes, seeing the same things over and over,

tired thoughts, thinking about tomorrow or yesterday,

tired fake smile, pasted on to greet you,

tired of the noise, that everyone makes,

tired of agreeing, saying yes’ and right away’s and sorry’s,

tired neck, from looking away from life,

tired shoulders from carrying this tiresome head,

tired arms, picking and carrying, picking and carrying,

tired hands, from shaking yours and shaking others,

tired joints, distracting oneself from the thoughts,

tired from sitting, tired from standing, tired from slouching, tired lower back,

tired hips, at least that means I’m alive,

tired legs and tired feet from chasing the daylight, from chasing the nightlife, from running away, from running after,

tired embrace, us again,

tired conversations, the same again,

tired “I love you’s” and “You too’s” and “Goodnights”.


A moments rest,

before the next moment begins,

the sun also rises,

each day with tired sleep,

the next day,

back living the tired life,

once more,

once again,


and so it goes.

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