Poem: Four Swordsmen

Ask myself,

will you walk bravely into the darkness?

which springs from the unknown,

infinite like space and time,

floating without any senses to guide you,

will you still take the plunge?

will you look into the abyss?


Thought of it makes the hand shake,

makes the heart beat faster,

thought of the failures makes you want to regress,

return to the mother’s womb,

fear kills the mind,

fear kills the future,

fear kills life.


What lessens fear is companionship,

not of others,

but of your own soul, spirit and mind,

align them to aid you,

guide you,

to walk alongside you,

into the darkness,

feel the spring blossom,

budding seeds that lay dormant in the unknown,

waiting for a unified touch,


know then what it means to create,

to build all that you know,

to bring light into the darkness,

to pluck wisdom from the unknown,

to kill fear through living,

four swordsmen,

you, your soul, your spirit and your mind,

all one,

unified; unbroken.

Youtube: Learned Living

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