Poem: Attention, Attention

Attention, attention,

what everyone seeks,

the hardest to get,

harder still to keep,

the new new is distracting,

each second the present becomes the past,

the new now the old,

the old now is ancient,

that’s how fast life moves,

faster than ever before.


Seeking attention? You’ll never find it.

Craving attention? You may get it.

But be careful what you wish for,

as it may come true,

but not in the way you like.


Ask Agamemnon what his cravings got him,

ask Alexander what his cravings got him,

askĀ Caesar what his cravings got him,

the dangers are ancient,

the problem is ancient,

the solution is ancient,

Aurelius is going to work.


Disregard the cravings and focus,

stay in the dark, son,

stay in the work, son,

and then they’ll come looking,

illuminating you and all of you,

if they shine light upon you and can look through you and see that your hollow,

then they’ll never come back,

if they shine the light and see the life that flows in every fiber, nerve, vein, atom, breath,

then they’ll keep you illuminated,

until your drained of it all.


Such is life,

such is the conundrum,

let yourself be engulfed with passion instead,

that fire which kills you keeps you warm at first,

keeps you alive at first,

keeps you shining at first,

in this way, others aren’t needed,

all is you.

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