Poem: Where can you go where the human in you doesn’t trouble you?

Where can you go where the human in you doesn’t trouble you?

everywhere people walk around with self infilicted wounds,

pain for which they want payback,

turn that hate towards others,

spread the pain so you’re not lonely,

the wounds don’t heal though,

they get infested, rotten, pus-filled from you being yourself,

your worst enemy,

untamed it slowly kills you from the inside,


stuck with yourself.


Torment drives the sane; insane,

the good; bad,

the innocent; fiend,

the peaceful; hateful.


Break others so you’re not the only broken one,

see yourself in the pain of others,

the human connection,

one under suffering.


Paradise was the only place where you could love yourself,

but that wasn’t living,

devoid of feelings and thoughts because man had no knowledge,

pretty prison,

freed by the snake to feel for once,

but the punishment was freedom without knowing how to deal with it,

the free thoughts, feelings, emotions,

break under the pressure.


“That’s your path, son.”

“I can’t.”

“Your ring to bear.”


“If you let it consume you then hell be everywhere you walk.”


“If you can bear it, then true paradise at your steps.”


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