Poem: What are you thinking about?

Animal superior to man,

It lives, breathes, exists in the present,

Its gift: the lack of thought,

Mans curse: the abundance of it,

Amplifying the sensations of life,

Casting doubt about the future,

Lingering on the unsaid words,

Fearing the next second,

The present trickles away like sand in an hourglass,

Anticipating the next grain,

The next trouble, the next pain.

Basic, the needs are,

Basically fulfilled,

Basic pleasure can be,

But we basically only care about the suffering.

Suffering is illuminating,

The pain demands are attention,

Without it, we float down stream,

Bathing in pleasure,


“Everything good?”


(Except for the pain in the back)

The pain that draws our thoughts,

Everywhere is laughter,

Except in our mind.

(Thoughts only for the pain)

For only that keeps us alive.

Thinking of what you want,

What you desire, thinking

Up all the obstacles, all

That’ll cast misery upon you,

Thinking, thinking, thinking,

As the lion rests,

Thinking, thinking, thinking,

As time winds down,

Thinking of death,

As the lion eats,

Thinking, thinking, thinking,

As life ends.

From nothing rises the world, created by thoughts

From nothing rises the troubles, created by thoughts

From nothing rises the struggle, created by thoughts.

“What Are you thinking about?”

Our love

(I thought).

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