Poem: I, Bluebird

One day the bluebird will sing freely, I hope

but for now, it remains caged, I see

a day will come when the bluebird is freed, as

long as it stays singing, I say

it’s muffled songs are like a beating heart, silent

cries that it’s still here, I hear

if I had the key it’ll long be soaring, I comfort it

but the key is only for the special and good bluebirds, I tell it

keep on singing, I say, keep on making that noise, I say

one day they’ll understand your special too, I tell it

the bluebird is tired, I feel it

it sings less often, I hear it

the bluebird is tired, I sense it

it grows quiet, I feel it

and one day the silence will be all that’s heard, I fear it

that day, death, I’ll know it

together with the bluebird, I’ll stay.

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