Poem: The Symptoms Of The Blind & Deaf

Deaf and blind

the world can seem

who are all these strangers?

when will someone ask you how you feel?

misery etched into each second of silence, so

the need to distract oneself is prevalent

pushing back the actual need

which is simple compassion from another being.


Does that thing have a soul?

somewhere inside that shell of yours?

the tender-hearted, filled with pain but also sympathy

if only it didn’t have an ego, pride, selfishness

(the symptoms of the blind and deaf).


You suffer in silence

and so should others

that’s what you believe

disconnected, detached and disengaged

the mass of men and women walk by one another

each yearning for the same thing

each self-conscious

each with misery.


What is it mean to be human?

to listen, to see, to feel, to touch

you take my burden

I take yours

you hold my hand

I hold yours

together, as one, sharing in the misery,

together, as one, alleviating each others,



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