Poem: What’s Life

What’s life?

Endlessly rowing,

beneath you is the ocean water,

and above you, the sun,

at first, you struggled to row as the sun rose in front of you,

the blinding light that is yet to reach it’s potential, as the sun rises,

eventually, you learn to row as the sun reaches its zenith,

and just as you become comfortable in your understanding,

the light dims, descending, setting sun,

and yet, you must keep rowing,

in the waning light.


Most of the time you row by yourself,

in your little boat,

every now and then a companion comes along,

and you forget your solitude,

sometimes a few come together,

and forget the loneliness,

these people come and go,

leaving you all alone,

with only fading recollections of the good times,

the more you recall the more those times fade away from your thought,

rowing with memory,

all the while the sun keeps on moving,

and you row endlessly in this never-ending ocean with no land in sight.


The sun will set one day,

you won’t know if you were any closer to where you were going,

you don’t know if you rowed further away from where you needed to go,

perhaps there is no destination,

but you won’t know that either,

all you know is that you tried,

and kept on trying,

searching, rowing, finding, seeking,

till the darkness fell upon you,

and then there was nothing.

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