Poem: How to live?

How to live?

when you’re a kid you’re told to be good,

to work hard,

“be a good boy”,

and so you do as you’re told,

constantly trying to please,

constantly trying to figure out your life,

with passing time comes clarity of who you are and what you want,

and then, randomness, that which is out of one’s control happens,

unwelcomed, undeserved, unwanted death,

hopes half fulfilled,

dreams half lived,


life is gone and yet life continues,

mourning prayers go away, the leaves fall when fall comes, the sun unbothered,

you are no more,

but you were doing what you were supposed to do,

doing the right thing,

that should have counted for something right?

Karmic thoughts don’t occur in that flash that took your life,

Karmic thoughts occurred when you did the right things,

thoughts stuffed into a piggy bank,

thinking each transaction brings you closer to a good life,

but that good life is random,

some deserve it, get it,

some don’t deserve it, get it,

you might have deserved it but the universe cares not,

your stuffed piggy bank filled with empty hopes,

never thinking about the randomness of life,

but at least you were a good boy.

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