Reflections: On Enjoyment

I have started to notice the seriousness of my thoughts and words. There is too much emphasis put on my future action or on past mistakes while not enough on just enjoying life. This seriousness could be seen as an attempt to correct the past or organize the future but either way, life is not that serious. I try to keep that in mind but every now and then I need to remind myself of this. Most of my problems aren’t really that serious. Most of my stresses aren’t that bad. Most of my issues are fixable.

So, just enjoy life.

The times I remember fondly are those spent with friends and family, not thinking about anything, not caring about anything, just being there, talking and laughing and not knowing that a something like time even exists. Who cares about the past in those moments or about the future, I’m just enjoying the brief moment I am here before it’s all over. The finiteness of life may sound like a serious topic but it can also be a constant reminder to just enjoy life, as much as you can, for life could be over really quick. Understanding that this life is finite, you can then appreciate the good times and make an effort to recreate those times as much as possible. Also, the things that trouble you are put into perspective through this understanding.

That’s the state of being I wish to be in, as much as possible. Loving the everydayness. Maybe I need to replace the seriousness of my thought with more of a childlike wonder. To be impressed easily. To imagine more. To observe and be in observation of the workings of life from the smallest of things to the biggest. Perhaps take a page out of Da Vinci’s book and make it a task of mine to learn something new every day. It does not matter what that thing is, it could be something as simple looking up the population of some country to learning how light travels from the eye to the brain. It’s the process of wonder that is important. That could allow you to let go of concerning thoughts about life and for a brief moment enjoy yourself like a child often does when he or she sees something new.

Curiosity. Wonderment. Imagination. Enjoyment. Fun. Happiness. Good times. All of these is what makes life worthwhile. These are the qualities and moments that need to be emphasized.

For what else is there to do in life? Work all day? Stress all day? Push yourself all day? To some people that might be ideal. In a way its heroic to take on more responsibility and fulfill it each and every time. I am not like those people. I have come to realize that. There are a handful of things I enjoy and there aren’t many things I like more than laughing with friends.

I seek the simple life. One that is not too busy. One that is not too rich. One that is not too easy. One that is challenging enough. A life that is worth my struggles and a life that is full of enjoyment. I would assume that I am not alone in this. I would go even as far as to say that this is the typical wish of most people. So, it is by this vision I rate my life. Cutting out the needless things that take me away from this enjoyment and adding those that bring me closer to this. In this manner, it is less about the future concerns and more about the present actions. All the while, I keep a healthy ratio of enjoyment and seriousness and if I am to favor one side over the other, I know I won’t go wrong if I were to pick enjoyment.


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